YOUTH COORDINATOR:                           Cecil Nieves

ASST. YOUTH COORDINATOR:                Julie Ann Blancaflor

WORSHIP COORDINATORS:                   Ashley Lobres    |   Robert Bellarmino Yasa

EDUCATION COORDINATORS:                Frances Isabelle Catolico     |     Jessa Mae Dongeto

SERVICE COORDINATORS:                       Jella Jimenez     |     Carlo James Bautista

TEMPORALITIES COORDINATORS:       Kristopher Javero     |     John Christian Doronilla

FINANCE COORDINATOR:                        Eunice Suplico

1. Janinn Blancaflor
2. Ma. Annabelle Tabladillo
3. Anne Marie Tabladillo
4. Kirby Guevara
5. Harvey Guevara
6. Engele Grace Aguilar
7. Ma. Cristina Blase
8. Nescel Lubaton
9. Frances Isabelle Catolico
10. Jerald Flores
11. Mary Dayvim Cuenca
12. Raiza Sadia
13. Ashley Lobres
14. Arnel Anonoy
15. Carlo James Bautista
16. Joy Ann Cordero
17. Heather Angelique Parangan
18. John Christian Doronila
19. Cedrick Jhon Dapat
20. Lovely Joy Soriano
21. Mary Claire Areños
22. Monique Venancio
23. Vishno Das Bautista
24. Antonio Llanza
25. Delamr Moquete
26. Justine Deocampo
27. Alexandra Nicole Catolico
28. Emmanuel Oscares
29. Alviah Salvado
30. Nicole Mangalisan
31. Julius Jabasa
32. Apollo Garcia
33. Cecil Nieves
34. Mark Anthony Castillon
35. Daisyrie Diesto
36. Jesse Jot Auman
37. Francis Mae Adelina Auman
38. Phags Patilawa
39. Ranie John Diamonon
40. Charlie Villanueva Jr.
41. Ahllyn Salvado
42. Margie de Asis
43. Emee Rose Hellares
44. Sherlyn Hermosura
45. Angel Grace Hellares
46. Jhemma Joy Hellares
47. Maria Pilar Parreñas
48. Cyrus Alelis
49. Jeanelyn Pedrosa
50. Michael Jason Alejandro
51. Michael John Villano
52. Niño Diamonon
53. Mhiko Austria
54. Cheno Comahig
55. Christine Marie Dela Cruz
56. Jay-R Comahig
57. Allysa Mae Deriada
58. Christian Galagate
59. Candy Casabon
60. Delia Joy Diesto
61. Francis Diamanse
62. Ma. Ehlyka Fajardo
63. R-Jay Damirez
64. Wendilyn Agao
65. Ma. Alexandria Nicole Fajardo
66. Romnick Jereza
67. Klint Panaguiton
68. Cheinnei Tongol
69. Anngie Franco
70. John Kelvin Flores
71. Joshua Faborada
72. Felix Cartagena Jr.
73. Shalyn Jubelag
74. John Gerard Flores
75. Joeper Labordo
76. Milky Von Bucais
77. Glenn Michael Puga
78. El John Locsin
79. Joshua Moliño
80. Nathalie Joyce Layda
81. Jaztine Recto
82. Japril Maquiling
83. Dominic Dongeto
84. Ram Bernardo
85. Joshua Bernardo
86. CJ Broke Cartagena
87. Nick Dongeto III
88. Juliet Nieves
89. Gaie Pifaño
90. Francis May Mandadero
91. Marrian Eve Labuerta
92. Josephine Anne Layda
93. Edelyn Hibionada
94. Shaira Marie Belarmino
95. John Spencer Sorre
96. Maila Pelayo
97. Jonesa Bañares
98. Garlin Jane Castaño
99. Shine Hortillas
100. Pearl Marajucon
101. Casandra Panigon
102. Jecel Amelda
103. Mary Joy Gasparillo
104. Christian Miles
105. Karen Joy Biare
106. Feby Grace Serra
107. Jona May Guion
108. Wenslie Ann Sorre
109. Kenn Charles Guintibano
110. Sheena Marie Solas
111. Jovanie Gonzales
112. Julienne Estrella
113. Emmanuel Calimoso
114. Sheryl Jereza
115. MJ Jereza


I. A. Formation and Training

I.A.1.   The Parish Youth Ministry shall hold Youth Basic Forma young people who are interested to join the ministry.

I.A.2.   The members of the Youth Council which includes Youth Barangay Coordinators and the Barangay Youth MinistYouth Christian Leadership in a MKK Culture so that thorganizers.

I.A.3.   All young people are encouraged to join the YouCat (Youth Catechism) which is held every 2nd Saturday of the month in a particular barangay. YouPray! (Youth Prayer) follows after one week wherein the young people are taught how to do bible/faith sharing.

I.A.4.   The young people, grouped by cell with 7-15 members, are encouraged to hold weekly bible sharing in their own barangay every Sunday afternoon.

I.A.5.   As there is the existence of theatre group, animators, youth band, journalists and choir, seminars and workshops are conducted from time to  time for their personality enhancement and skills development.


II.I.      The Youth Director shepherds the Youth Ministry.

II.II.     Collaborating with the Youth Director are the members of the Youth  Council (Youth Officers, Barangay Youth Coordinators (BYC) and Ministry Heads).

II.III.   Each barangay has a set of Youth Officers who coordinates and facilitates the activities of the ministry.

II.IV.   Worship, Education, Service and Temporalities Coordinators of the barangays comprise the Worship, Education, Service and Temporalities Committee of the Youth Ministry whose heads are the chairmen and their assistants.

II.V.     Youth Members in the barangay are grouped into MKK cells and they are guided by their cell leader.

II.A.   Membership and Responsibility

II.A.1. Undergoing the Youth Basic Christian Formation is a prerequisite for membership.

II.A.2. All members are expected to attend and participate actively during the Youth Mass every Saturday.

II.A.3. Once undergone the Youth Basic Formation, each one is encouraged to become a member of the different ministries like the Theatre Group, Animators, Ushers, Youth Band, Social Communication and Choir.

II.A.4. Attend meetings/regular practice called by their respective ministry heads.

II.A.5. Each member is encouraged to financially support the youth ministry through love offering collected every after meeting.

II.B.   Meetings

II.B.1. The Youth Council regularly meets twice a month (1st and 4th Saturday at 6:30 PM.)

II.B.2 Brgy. Youth Ministry shall meet once a month after the Youth Council Meeting so that the BYC can echo what has transpired during that said meeting.

II.B.4. Every meeting should begin with a prayer and scriptural reading.

II.B.5. Minutes of meeting shall be observed by the secretary.

II.B.6. Financial Report prepared by the Treasurer is expected every regular meeting.

II.B.7. The time after the bible sharing of the youth in their respective barangays can be utilized for business meeting.

II.C. Facilities/Equipments

II.C.1. There should be an inventory of youth facilities and equipments which shall be done Temporalities Committee.

II.C.2. The use of facilities and equipments shall be done with responsibility and care. Permission from the Temporalities Chairman, his/her assistant and the Youth Director to use and take the facilities out from the Youth Office is necessary.

II.C.3. Maintenance and upgrading of facilities and equipments shall be determined by Temporalities Committee. After which, they bring the concern to the Youth Director who shall take appropriate action.

II.C.4. Returning things to its proper place need to be followed at all times to maintain order and cleanliness in the Youth Office.

II.D. Finances

II.D.1. The Youth Council especially with the initiatives of Temporalities Committee take the initiative to generate funds for the ministry.

II.D.2. Financial written report should be prepared by the Treasurer.

II.D.3. Budget Proposal for every youth activity need to be prepared by people in-charge.

II.D.4 Youth funds should be deposited to the bank regularly.

II.E.      Term of Office

II.E.1. Youth Council members serve for two years. Re-election for the same position is allowed once.

II.E.2. Election of leaders is done through a secret balloting.

II.E.3. The Youth leaders and members should renew their commitment once a year.


III.A. Worship

  III.A.1. Takes care of all liturgical activities of the ministry.

III.A.2.  Worship Committee prepares for the YouPray!

III.A.3. Youth Taize Prayer shall be held at least once a year in the barangays or in the parish.

III.B. Education

III.B.1. Education Committee prepares for the YouCat every month.

III.B.2. Training for Education Committee members is important.

III.B.3. Facilitates the write-ups for the regular column in Candle Light as a venue for information-dissemination and evangelization of the faithful especially of the youth.

III.B.4. Serve as administrators of Facebook Group.

III.C. Service

III.C.1. Service committee initiates cleaning and beautification  program both in the barangay and in the parish.

III.C.2. Service Committee facilitates the snacks or meals during youth activities.

III.C.3. Service Committee helps the social apostolate programs of the parish.

III.C.4. Service Committee promotes awareness of social issues  among the youth.

 III.C. Temporalities

  III.C.1. Temporalities Committee acts as property custodians.

III.C.2. Inventory of properties need to be done annually.

III.C.3. Audits the finances of the ministry

III.C.4. In-charge of giving the things to be borrowed and sees to it  that they are returned.


We the young servants of God in the Parish of Our Lady of Candles envision ourselves to be faithful, compassionate, knowledgeable, empowered evangelizers and good role models building a committed, united and sustainable Youth Ministry.

Hence, we are determined to reach out to the youth, gather and form them according to their needs through Basic Ecclesial Communities (BEC) towards total human development, and challenge them to serve as light to others.


Youth Mass
Every Saturday: 5:30 PM

Youth Council Regular Meeting
1st and 4th Saturday: 6:30 PM

Youth Council Formation and Fellowship
2nd Saturday: 6:30 PM

Youth Choir (HKC) Formation
3rd Saturday: 6:30

Acolytes (JPMAS) Meeting and Formation
Sunday: 10:30 AM

Youth Catechists Meeting and Formation
2nd Sunday: 9:00 AM – 12:00 NN


 Taizé Prayer 
February 14

Anniversary Celebration 
Last Saturday of October



Animators Practice and Meeting
Tuesday and Thursday: 6:00 – 9:00 PM

Youth Band Practice and Meeting
Monday and Webnesday: 6:00 – 8:00 PM

 You-Cat and You-Pray Filmshowing
Friday 5:30 – 8:30 PM

 MKK Youth Cell Bible Sharing
Sunday 4:30 PM