Religious Organizations


With the Blessed Mother Mary as our model and guide, we are an organization of Catholic women united and strengthened in faith and committed to the service of God and country through apostolic work in Basic Ecclesial Communities (BECs).

We have the following objectives:

1.  To unite all Catholic women in a variety of opportunities for apostolic activity and strengthen  the Catholic faith within the bonds of unity, friendship, charity, humility and sanctity;
2.  To hold an ever-active share in the whole life of a Catholic society;
3.  To develop and nurture the right apostolic attitude, thereby doing our share in the apostolic  works of the community in which we live;
4.  To maintain active participation and/or involvement in the liturgical life of the community;
5.  To exert energetic efforts to preserve respect for life not only of the human person but of all living creatures as well; and
6.  To promote the good state of marriage and family both by example and cooperation with men of good will.

Additionally, our Association has adopted the following objectives for our members:

  1. To extend pecuniary aid to our members, their families and beneficiaries;
  2. To render mutual aid and assistance to our sick, disabled or needy members and their families;
  3. To promote social and intellectual interaction among our members and their families; and finally
  4. To promote and conduct educational, charitable, religious and social welfare work and services.

As mandated by the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, we are committed to pursue and accomplish the following missions:

  1. Pro-Life – The promotion, preservation and protection of life from womb to tomb, including environmental concerns.
  2. Upliftment of Women Workers – Addressing current women issues and concerns such as  trafficking of women, violence against women and subordination and discrimination, and the plight of overseas women workers.
  3. Morality in Media – Promoting media as effective and wholesome instruments of  communication for all kinds of information, ideas and directives and as avenues for developing and nurturing moral values.
  4. Assistance to Prisoners’ Families and Their Victims – Serving the needs, both material and  spiritual, of prisoners’ families as well as their victims
  5. Squirettes of Mary – The youth arm of the DMI, the SMI which used to be a sub- organization, has now been added as our fifth mission.  Its main purpose and goal is the development of leadership abilities and talents of its members with the Blessed Mother Mary as their model and guide.

Sis. Liberty Sulit

Vice Regent:
Sis. Ma. Paz Atutubo

Past Regent:
Sis. Braulia Cababasay

Sis. Ma. Elena Salazar

Sis. Salvacion Tarrosa

Financial Secretary:
Sis. Ma. Ana Jardeleza

Sis. Ma. Fe. Penecilla

Sis. Elenita Java

Recording Secretary:
Sis. Darlene Grace Java Aristorenas

Asst. Recoding Secretary
Sis. – Jamboy

Sis. Herminia Pineda

1 year: Sis. Violeta Lamis
2 year: Sis. Ma. Teresa Rivera
3 year: Sis. Teresita Tan

Banner Bearer: Sis. Hazel Porquez
Guides: Sis. Adela Cerdana

Inside: Sis. Emma Catague
Outside: Sis. Jovita Celiz

Sis. Alice Zerrudo

Diocesan Regent:
Sis. Emma Victoria

Past International Regent:
Sis. Perla Arguelles

Past International Vice Regent:
Sis. Lucia Buendia (deceased)

Past Diocesan Regents:
Sis. Cathryn Contrador
Sis. Ma. Teresa Jamili

Past Vicarial Regents:
Sis. Ma. Teresa S. Rivera
Sis. Teresita J. Tan
Sis. Violeta Lamis

Sis. Ninfa Abototo
Sis. Jean Agulles
Sis. Magdalena Diasnes
Sis. Cecilla Javelosa
Sis. Sonia Perucho
Sis. Salvacion Tarrosa
Sis. Alice Zerrudo

Rev. Fr. Ronald de Leon
Spiritual Director
Senior Parochial Vicar


Senatus of Western Visayas

President:  Mercedez Alturino
Vice-President:  Margarita Grandeza
Secretary:  Esterlina Gamez
Asst. Secretary:  Zosima Ferro
Treasurer:  Jomalou Unating
Asst. Treasurer:  Jeric Keith Magtubo

Spiritual Director:-




Founded by St. Vincent de Paul, patron saint of all charity, the Ladies of Charity responded to the needs of the poor in the 17th century France.  Together with St. Louise de Marillac, they went about their tasks, seeking no recognition, satisfied with the knowledge that they were serving Christ in the person of the poor.

The Ladies of Charity, since their origin, have possessed the charism of their founder:  daily prayer and personal service to the poor.  That same Vincentian spirit characterizes the Association today.  It asks the personal gift of self, of time, devotion, sacrifices and perseverance in the effort to bring dignity to each person and to respond with compassion to every human misery.

President                           :  Sis. Lourdes P. Villa
Vice President                  :  Sis. Linda Guarin
Secretary                           : Sis.  Rowena Tabunlupa
Treasurer                          :  Sis. Analiza Cajolo

1.  Sis. Lucy Buendia (deceased)
2.  Sis. Rosemarie Piamonte
3.  Sis. Lygia Hobilla
4.  Sis. Lydia Dionio
5.  Sis. Mila Billones (deceased)
6.  Sis. Ma. Lilia Parreñas (deceased)
7.  Sis. Rosebelle Villa
8.  Sis. Jelly Yap
9.  Sis. Alma Blanca
10. Sis. Conni Alenaje
11. Sis. Minda Tubar
12. Sis. Evelyn Aro
13. Sis. Terry Gemoto
14. Sis. Mary Ann de Amboy
15. Sis. Luningning Cabrera
16. Sis. Jessica Talite
17. Sis. Cristy Cataluña
18. Sis. Patrocinio Valdez
19. Sis. Ruth Javallosa
20. Sis. Brenda Espulgar
21. Sis. Joebeny Lobaton
22. Sis. Roselyn Salazar
23. Sis. Luzviminda Porquez
24. Sis. Nelinar Fernandez
25. Sis. Amelita Lazarraga
26. Sis. Dolores Pahila



Who are we?
Catholic Women with a Catholic voice.

What do we do?
The League is involved in charitable work of all kinds. Members endeavour to exert influence in those issues rooted in social justice and peace and particularly seek to make the voice of Catholic women heard in the legislative system on issues of the Family. The League offers members the opportunity to develop and learn new skills, enabling them to fulfil their mission of service to one another, to their parish and to the church.

Could the Catholic Women’s League be for me?
Yes!  The League has a positive voice for good in the Church today and you could be a part of that. As a member you will find fresh interests, make new friends and discover opportunities that will enable you to make a real difference and play an important role in church and society.


The organization started under the name of Federacion Catolica de Muejeres en Filipinas when Msgr. Michael O’Doherty, then Archbishop of Manila, gathered a few influential Catholic ladies in 1919. It was only limited to Manila proper but was later expanded to neighboring provinces and towns until it became national in scope.

The first President of the federation was Annie Macleod Kingcome (later became Mrs. Reid) and their first headquarters was a huge 2-story building lent by Msgr. O’Doherty, in M.H. Del Pilar, Ermita, Manila.

In March 1928, the name of the organization was changed into Catholic Women’s League of the Philippines and a new constitution was adopted. Branches and sections of the league were also formed, organizing the Junior CWL.

It was in 1930 that CWL became an affiliate of the International Union of Catholic Women’s Leagues (now World Union of Catholic Women’s Organization or WUCWO).




Board Members
Past President:  Adela J. Montero
Past President:  Ruth G. Javelosa
Past President:  Imelda C. Florete
Past President:  Ma. Amelita E Lazarraga
Past President:  Rose Marie R. Piamonte

Patrocinio Valdez
Genoveva Albito
Nena Jopson
Flor Baby Certeza









Core Group

FFC Head:  Reynaldo and Rita Alava
Pastoral Ministry:  Rex and Myrna Jardiolin
Education Ministry:  Diony and Lilian Sanz
Service Ministry:  Gerardo Sandy and Dahlia Jamero
Pastoral Ministry (Lapaz) :  Renato and Ma. Chichi Narandan
FFC Steward:  Ernesto and Catherine Gasis
FFC Servant:  Selverio and Gloria Casera
Pastoral Group I Servants:  Roberto and Rosemarie Tabobo
Pastoral Group 2 Servants:  Danilo and Emelita Alelis
Pastoral Group 3 Servants:  Jesus and Editha Ramos
HOLD Leader:  Braulia Cababasay
HOLD Pastoral Servant:  Magdalena Diasnes