Nothing is more wonderful than simply living a compassionate life and with an enormous heart to the people which can be of great blessings to them especially to the impoverished people who most especially need to be given a hand to lift them again. And this ministry serves these people with their most merciful and compassionate character.

The Daughters of Mary Immaculate was founded on April 30, 1978 by his Eminence Jaime L. Cardinal Sin and was

formally known as the Philippine Daughters of Isabela. This ministry envisioned that with the Blessed Mother as their model and guide, they are an organization of Catholic women united and strengthened in faith and committed to the service of God and country through apostolic work in basic ecclesial communities. Their mission is to be committed on the accomplishment of the thrusts which are: Pro-life, Morality in Media, Upliftment of Women Workers, and Assistance to Victims / Families of Prisoners. Their objectives are to unite all Catholic women in a variety of opportunities for apostolic activity, strengthen the Catholic faith within the bond of friendship and enjoy the dignity of persons in equal affection and harmony of mind in order to have an ever active share in the whole life of a Catholic society.

Their ministry is composed of 20 members combined with young and old as their focus group and shepherded by Rev. Fr. Mark Lester Senina as Spiritual Director. This organization has acquired an international identity and that they have this sub-organization which is called Squirrettes with young adolescent women as members.

They conduct a monthly meeting as well as taking charge of all the preparations in the celebration of the Holy Mass for DMII occasions – readings, lectors, offerings, collections, etc., facilitate and conduct recollections and other activities that would promote the spiritual growth of individual members and promote the daily recitation of the Rosary, attendance religious rites, active

participation in meetings to resolve issues and to defend the Church against doctrinal attacks. They also conduct sick visitations in hospitals’ free wards to console the sick and to pray with them. And they refer to the priest, patients who wish to go to confession and to receive the Holy Eucharist. They get all their funds only through the personal donations of each member.

These members of the DMII are very supportive and participative in all the activities through financial support but they cannot implement the entire mission because most of the members are now senior citizens and less abled.

It is a blessed opportunity to become a member of this organization as they together live the Gospel values and experience the way of life as the Daughters of Mary Immaculate of Our Lady of Candles Circle.


With the Blessed Mother Mary as our model and guide, we are an organization of Catholic women united and strengthened in faith and committed to the service of God and country through apostolic work in Basic Ecclesial Communities (BECs).

We have the following objectives:

1.  To unite all Catholic women in a variety of opportunities for apostolic activity and strengthen  the Catholic faith within the bonds of unity, friendship, charity, humility and sanctity;
2.  To hold an ever-active share in the whole life of a Catholic society;
3.  To develop and nurture the right apostolic attitude, thereby doing our share in the apostolic  works of the community in which we live;
4.  To maintain active participation and/or involvement in the liturgical life of the community;
5.  To exert energetic efforts to preserve respect for life not only of the human person but of all living creatures as well; and
6.  To promote the good state of marriage and family both by example and cooperation with men of good will.

Additionally, our Association has adopted the following objectives for our members:

  1. To extend pecuniary aid to our members, their families and beneficiaries;
  2. To render mutual aid and assistance to our sick, disabled or needy members and their families;
  3. To promote social and intellectual interaction among our members and their families; and finally
  4. To promote and conduct educational, charitable, religious and social welfare work and services.

As mandated by the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, we are committed to pursue and accomplish the following missions:

  1. Pro-Life – The promotion, preservation and protection of life from womb to tomb, including environmental concerns.
  2. Upliftment of Women Workers – Addressing current women issues and concerns such as  trafficking of women, violence against women and subordination and discrimination, and the plight of overseas women workers.
  3. Morality in Media – Promoting media as effective and wholesome instruments of  communication for all kinds of information, ideas and directives and as avenues for developing and nurturing moral values.
  4. Assistance to Prisoners’ Families and Their Victims – Serving the needs, both material and  spiritual, of prisoners’ families as well as their victims
  5. Squirettes of Mary – The youth arm of the DMI, the SMI which used to be a sub- organization, has now been added as our fifth mission.  Its main purpose and goal is the development of leadership abilities and talents of its members with the Blessed Mother Mary as their model and guide.


The Legion of Mary rightly recognizes Mr. Frank Duff as founder. In a poor and old part of Dublin, in a property known as Myra House, in Francis Street, the Legion of Mary began. The St. Vincent de Paul Society owned the house and the local conference held its meeting there. Sometimes some women were asked to assist this conference in serving free breakfasts on Sundays to poor children. Later on, the free breakfasts were discontinued but some men and women remained to form, the Pioneer Total Abstinence Association. For this purpose regular meetings were held, at which the prayers from the Vincent de Paul prayer-card were recited, with the addition of the five decades of the Rosary. There was spiritual reading, followed by the minutes of the previous meeting. Then reports were given by members on recruiting campaigns and any other apostolic activity in which they may have been engaged. There were also discussions on religious doctrinal subjects, as well as on practical methods of assisting others and doing good for the Church. Amongst the lay-people, the guiding spirit was Mr. Frank Duff.

On that fateful Wednesday night, September 7, 1921, fifteen ladies met Bro. Duff and Father Toher in the usual meeting-room. They were surprised to see that she, whose name they were to bear was there before them! They came to the meeting ready to serve as soldiers under the banner and patronage of Mary. When they came to the room, the table around which they were to meet and which was usually bare was decked out just as for a present-day Praesidium meeting. There was the white cloth and the statue of the Immaculate Conception, two vases with flowers, two candlesticks with lighted candles. As to work, they decided to take on the systematic visitation of the Dublin Union Hospital. They would visit in pairs, a ward being allotted to each pair. It was agreed that the work obligation could be satisfied by any substantial active work whatsoever, except the giving of material relief. Thus came into being the Legion of Mary as it is to-day in all its features.

The Legion of Mary is for all, as long as they know how to read and write. At present the Curiae (governing body set up when two or more praesidia have been established in any city, town or district) officers are: Marlene Tabaosares, President; Marrieta Tentativa, Vice President; Fe Licuran, Secretary; and Irene Avañador, Treasurer.

The Parish of our Lady of Candles has fifteen (15) Praesidium (the unit of the Legion of Mary)

  1. Manoglipay sang Nalisdan
  2. Radix Sancta
  3. Iloy sang Kalooy
  4. Iloy sang Magbubuhat
  5. Iloy sang Gracia nga Diosnon
  6. Iloy nga Masaligan
  7. Mediatrix of All Graces
  8. Rayna sang Kapari-an
  9. Mary of Mother of God
  10. Our Lady of Mellenium
  11. Mary Mother of Mercy
  12. Sancta Parens
  13. Mary, Faithful Daughter of God
  14. Our Lady of Pilar
  15. Master Immaculata

The legionaries maintain the original system in pastoral work patterned after the original. September function still exist celebrating the birthday of the Queen, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Congress is held every two years, Acies which is  a yearly activity and PPC (Preperigritio por Christo).

The strength of this organization comes from the many members who are religiously responsible and cooperative as legionaries. However weaknesses could not be avoided because most of the members now are at their senior years thus it is difficult for them to take heavy responsibility, some could not go for visitation, and misses the meeting sometimes. As of now, the Legion of Mary has no Spiritual Director to give an allocution.

The Legion of Mary has its own building behind the Jaro convent. It serves as formation and meeting center, office, and a room to keep the Image of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and other things used for meetings, Handbook and Vexillum Legionis, etc.

Senatus of Western Visayas


President:                   Mercedez Alturino
Vice-President:         Margarita Grandeza
Secretary:                    Esterlina Gamez
Asst. Secretary:         Zosima Ferro
Treasurer:                    Jomalou Unating
Asst. Treasurer:         Jeric Keith Magtubo

Spiritual Director:


                The Knights of Columbus, an international based religious group and the world’s largest Catholic fraternal service organization, was organized in Jaro, Iloilo City on October 6, 1960. Over the years, their members are increasing in numbers and most of them come from Jaro and Lapaz.

                The members are firmly committed to follow the vision of its founders, Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney – “In service to one, in service to all” followed by  their mission – “to recruit members who are practical Catholics, men aged 18, to render services to the five pillars of the society, namely the Church, Council, Family, Community, and Youth.” and its objective is – “to actively serve, participate, contribute for the welfare of the five pillars of the society within the National Shine of Our Lady of Candles Parish”.

                Presently the Ave Maria Council 5019 has 395 members but there are only 30 plus active ones.

                Every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month the council conducts its meeting in accordance with the established protocol among officers and members as a part of their leadership training. Windows of opportunities are open for spiritual and personal growth not only to members but also among family members. Workshop seminars and symposia are conducted regularly so as to imbibe among the four members’ principles/virtues of the Knights of Columbus, namely, CHARITY, UNITY, FRATERNITY AND PATRIOTISM.

                For the year 2016 the Ave Maria Council 5019 launched “Balay sang Pari Project” to raise funds as its contribution to the construction of the parish rectory. Aside from this project the council continuously involves in the Church activities, encourages the members to attend the 6:30 a.m. Sunday Mass and render Mass offering. A number of its members are lay ministers and three serve as collectors during the last Mass every Sunday evening. As a community, they hold blood donation activity, medical and dental mission, gift giving, maintenance and upkeep of its facilities. For the youth, they are reinstating the Columbian Squires and hold children’s party. Lastly, they have the pro-life advocacy; participate in the annual “walk for life” in the support of the anti-abortion campaign of the Church.

                The strength of Ave Maria as an organization and a “Mother Council” among various councils in the City and Province of Iloilo, is being looked up by other council members and parishioners. Members are automatically eligible for a life insurance coverage of their choice, thus providing security for the future of family members with the active support of Supreme Council and the Parish Officials, members are given the chance for spiritual and personal development. Through fraternal camaraderie among parishioners and members, there is a steady training for lay ministers. The Council’s weakness includes the financial burden of paying the annual dues of long time inactive members, missing attendance in monthly meetings and with the renovation of the parochial house, the council officers and members are at a loss where to relocate the statues of both Christopher Columbus and Fr. McGivney, two indispensable and important icons of the organization. The council has also seen the need to recruit young members so as to reinvigorate the organization.


St. Paul said, “Let us be servants of the poor. Serve rather than be served.”

On December 8, 1617, under the Patronage of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, this organization was approved and officially established. The association of the Ladies of Charity is the first of the great foundations of St. Vincent de Paul, at the time of its origin. He was a Pastor in the Diocese of Lyons, France. While he was saying Mass, he was informed that in a farm half a mile away, all members of a family were ill, in dire need. He was greatly affected and in his homily he spoke of the plight of the poor family. Many kind-hearted people went to assist the poor family bringing food. Upon seeing the number of people responding to his appeal, St. Vincent said to himself, “These good persons are exercising great charity, but are not well organized.” So he assembled twenty ladies of the parish to help the poor in the village with corporal and spiritual nourishment. Thus, the birth of the Ladies of Charity.

                This association’s primary purpose is to imitate the Divine Savior in alleviating the sufferings of the poor, the oppressed, and the disadvantage by bringing corporal and spiritual nourishment to them.

                At present, there are thirty active members in our parish. To be a member of the Ladies of Charity, she must be a woman of good moral standing, above 21 years of age, and an active practice Catholic.

                The Ladies of Charity members work hand and hand with the Vincentian Fathers and Parish Social Action Ministry (PSAM) in their apostolate to spread the love of Christ to others in the spirit of humility, simplicity and charity, imbued with the spirit of St. Vincent, and who had not spared time, effort and material resources to live like Christ, and in their own individual life, making Christ live in the lives of the unfortunate brethren.

                Most members of the association participate in the activities during the Feast of Our Lady of Candles. Some serve as lectors, collectors, ushers, cantors and a good number of them are silent devotees of Our Lady leading the novenas and joining in the procession.

                The Association has been both a donor and a partner of the Archdiocese of Jaro in its activities in alleviating the condition of the poor and the marginalized through contributions in feeding programs and financial assistance. Through a love offering and the monthly contribution of the committed members they were able to raise funds.

                As an Association, the greatest challenge they are facing is reducing number of attendance during meetings. What keeps thus Association alive is heartfelt commitment and passion of the people in service who is doing all the hardwork.

It was in the time of Fr. Eulogio Coello thet the ladies in Jaro started to visit the poor families and individuals and to report their living conditions. It was then that these ladies started to have a heart for the people. These ladies showed so much love and care to the people and to the community which until now they carry the torch of being devotees to help those in need and has lived to their mission as an organization to show mercy and compassion to the needy.

The Catholic Women’s League (CWL) was founded during the time of Rt. Rev. Panfilo T. Brasil but it was formally organized in 1949 when Most Rev Antonio F. Frondoza, parish priest of Jaro, suggested to Rev Fr. Eulogio Cuello, Rector of Jaro Major Seminary to organize the CWL and it was attended by some prominent ladies in Jaro which develop later on as a widespread organization extending to different parishes in the Archdiocese.

This organization is devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus through the support of Mary, Mother of God. This organization is committed to build God’s Kingdom, proclaim the Good News of Salvation in the spirit of love and understanding, bearing each other’s burden with Mary- like compassion, tenderness, endurance and dedication through the league’s motto: Charity, Work and Loyalty.

Every 2nd Sunday of the month the members of the CWL Jaro Unit meet after their sponsored Mass at 6:00 a.m., to plan a program and prepare for the incoming activities which are focused on helping the impoverished individuals like feeding program, gift giving and scholarships to the poor but well deserving children. They conduct formations and hold monthly spiritual talks to strengthen their faith and retain their spiritual and moral values as they continue to serve God and the Church.

This organization has faced many challenges as it continues its journey serving the Lord. Some of the members are old and have some health problems, thus their presence is sometimes hardly seen during activities of the organization or of the Church. Nevertheless, the members are committed and supportive in every programs and activities planned for the betterment of the community.

It is heartwarming to know that this organization has continued serving the Lord and supporting all the activities in the Church.

May they continue their heartening and inspiring service to the people.


The organization started under the name of Federacion Catolica de Muejeres en Filipinas when Msgr. Michael O’Doherty, then Archbishop of Manila, gathered a few influential Catholic ladies in 1919. It was only limited to Manila proper but was later expanded to neighboring provinces and towns until it became national in scope.

The first President of the federation was Annie Macleod Kingcome (later became Mrs. Reid) and their first headquarters was a huge 2-story building lent by Msgr. O’Doherty, in M.H. Del Pilar, Ermita, Manila.

In March 1928, the name of the organization was changed into Catholic Women’s League of the Philippines and a new constitution was adopted. Branches and sections of the league were also formed, organizing the Junior CWL.

It was in 1930 that CWL became an affiliate of the International Union of Catholic Women’s Leagues (now World Union of Catholic Women’s Organization or WUCWO).


Who are we?
Catholic Women with a Catholic voice.

What do we do?
The League is involved in charitable work of all kinds. Members endeavour to exert influence in those issues rooted in social justice and peace and particularly seek to make the voice of Catholic women heard in the legislative system on issues of the Family. The League offers members the opportunity to develop and learn new skills, enabling them to fulfil their mission of service to one another, to their parish and to the church.

Could the Catholic Women’s League be for me?
Yes!  The League has a positive voice for good in the Church today and you could be a part of that. As a member you will find fresh interests, make new friends and discover opportunities that will enable you to make a real difference and play an important role in church and society.


Mother Perla Santillan, MSHT living up her undaunted love for the Holy Trinity in all simplicity, Founded the Missionary and Adorers of the Holy Trinity. On May 1, 1984, the Missionary Servants of the Holy Trinity was founded, becoming propagators of the devotion to the Most Holy Trinity through the guidance and assistance of Msgr. Fidelis Limcaco who became the Spiritual Director of the Congregation. A lay partner called the Adorers of the Holy Trinity was organized as well as introduced to the Parish of Our Lady of Candles through the efforts of Mrs. Lenny Rose Mucho, our Provincial servant leader of the AHT in Iloilo. In 2006 a “Journey to a life of Trinity” or Known as JOLT was held at the Pius XII Institute Building in Jaro, Ilolilo City. In the same year, AHT became a member of the LOMAS of the parish of our Lady of Candles.

Every Wednesday, they gather for their Perpetual Novena to the Most Holy Trinity at 6:30 p.m. at Our Lady of Candles Parish with Fr. Moises Tacardon, as Spiritual Director to guide them. At present, they are under the leadership of Mother

General Aylene Santillan. Both the MSHT and Adorers of the Holy Trinity work together to evangelize our people about our Triune God.

The Adorers of the Holy Trinity mission is to bring the laity, to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Holy Trinity, thus empowering them to serve God in love and unity. With this, the AHT envisions to be effective evangelizers of God, working harmoniously with the Church in their journey towards the Holy Trinity. The goals of AHT are: first, to propagate the highest form of devotion called Adoration and is given only to the Three Divine Persons – The Father, Son and Holy Spirit also known as the Most Holy Trinity, second, to accommodate lay people who are willing to serve the Lord; third, to assist and nurture its members towards personal sanctification through following the Rule of Life and participate actively in spiritual activities. There are three specific objectives. First, to renew and transfer society through the Most Holy Trinity. Second, to love, praise, bless, glorify, honor and thank the Hold Trinity for all eternity Lastly, to influence the lives of others through good works, persona holiness and setting good example. Presently, there are about seventy (70) members in the parish. Thirty of them are active Regular attendance in the weekly Adoration to the Most Holy Trinity within the period of six months is an important consideration for the candidate’s investiture for Postulant Adorer. For a Full-fledged Adorer, attendance in the weekly adoration to the Most Holy Trinity is a must. Weekly attendance of new prospective members is a must to the weekly adoration and must invite at least seven new adorers. A Perpetual Adorer is one who religiously adores weekly and has facilitated the launching or opening of perpetual adoration to the Most Holy Trinity in a parish church or chapel. Thus, Adorers should follow the Rule of Life.

Monthly Mass sponsorship is every 1st Wednesday of the month for their special intentions. The convention and AHT Investiture and JOLT seminar s on the 27th December. Some of the parish adorers will also be candidates for the investiture. The Perpetual Adoration to the Most Holy Trinity is done every Wednesday and faith sharing thereafter. Counseling is by appointment by some of their Perpetual Adorers and Full- fledged members. Social Media evangelization and provincial events can be seen in their Facebook account (Adorers HT). The AHT with the MSHT together facilitates prayer requests. Some join the parish activities such as community gatherings and processions.

The love offerings collected weekly have helped the parish projects such as contributions for the schooling of poor seminarians and the parochial house renovation.

Many are called to serve God but few were able to sustain commitment and dedicated service due to probable causes like: family priorities, jobs, time management, financial status and others. Commitment is an issue since they know that membership in organizations such as this is voluntary and it totally depends on how people respond to their calling.

The greatest challenge is how to motivate, persevere and invite people in order to propagate the devotion to the Most Holy Trinity. The members encourage and lead people to have a deeper relationship with our Triune God, journeying with Them on earth as They lead us to His Divine purpose.


                The family is not an institution designed by man. It was created by God for the benefit of man. We can also identify a family not only by blood but also by heart like the Family for Christ, an organization committed to Christ and His service.

                The Family For Christ was founded on July 22, 2007 under Bro. Reynaldo and Sis Rita Alara. Their mission is, “This association in communion with the Holy Spirit, keep its members alive, thereby, helping and serving through Church activities. They act as service providers in building up a community of love most particularly in the family.” Their vision is “Thru evangelization programs, the association look forward to enhance spirituality of members to be, in performing their acts, as they show their profound participation, sharing the infinite goodness of the Lord and fellowships, thereby extending temporal support to anybody.” Their objective is, “we the children of God in the Family For Christ Association in Jaro, Iloilo City in communion with the Holy Spirit formulated Christ-Centered programs and activities aimed at sharing the life of Christ and building up a community of love and life in the family”.

                The Family For Christ Association is a local community of 55 married couples, 45 singles, widow and widower members with a common interest in building a Christian Community where the members learn together how to love and serve God with focus on married couples and family.

                The Family for Christ holds its monthly Mass offering during the 1st Sunday of the month at 7:30 p.m., household prayer meeting, officers and upper household meeting during every second Sunday of the month, general assembly and prayer meeting, FFCA choir every Sunday at 6:30 a.m. and FFCA ushers and collectors every first and fifth Sundays of the month. Aside from their formations and meetings they also have pastoral programs like gift giving and Mass programs, CLP, visitation of inmates at IRC, Nanga, Pototan, Iloilo, BJMP Ungka, Women’s Desk at Gen. Luna St., giving Christian Family Life Program, Pre Cana/Post Cana Seminars and other seminars related to Family Life as mandated by Mother Church, Vigil Prayers, Church Obligation such as Dawn Rosary, Procession, Feast, etc., Fellowship/Agape.

                Paying Php 200.00 for their organization registration and monthly payment for Php 25.00 is where their funds come from. Making their members attend their prayer meeting, general assembly, and other activities required by the association is their strength and the breakdown on the number of their members makes it difficult for them to maintain their mission in the organization as their weakness.

                The Apostleship of Prayer is a universal union of men and women who, by their daily oblation or Morning Offering, unite themselves with the Eucharistic Sacrifice in which the work of our redemption is continuously accomplished. By this vital bond with Christ, they cooperate in the salvation of the whole world. The Prayer Apostolate prays for the intentions of the Holy Father and for all humanity. The Association was established in the Philippines by the Jesuits in 1872. Nine years after Jaro was created a diocese in 1865, the Apostleship of Prayer was established in the parishes of Molo and Arevalo, both thriving coastal communities in 1874. Th bishop at that time was Sr. Don Mariano Arrue. The following year, 1875, two centers were established in two schools: the Seminrio de Jaro, now St. Vincent Ferrer Seminary and the Colegio de San Jose. In

                1903 the Apostleship of Prayer in San Jose Parish in the centre of 70 officers and promoters, no age limit is required as long as he/she is able in mind and spirit. They encourage everybody, family members and friends alike to join. Forming spirituality that helps its members live out their lives for Christ in a simple, concrete way. It gives them a technique, the Daily Offering which converts their daily life into a sacrifice of praise, reparation and petition; and it gives them a motive, the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

                The Apostleship of Prayer envisions to unite all men and women in the spirit of prayer in order for them to know God more, love Him more ardently and learn how to talk to Him more intimately in prayer. To attain this vision the AP’s mission is to promote prayer as the strongest weapon against evil and sin, and so for justice, peace and love to reign throughout the world, The Apostleship of Prayer, therefore aims to provide the members with a spirituality, brought through prayer, that will help them develop their interior life and live out their deep relationship with Christ, in loving service to others, especially those in need. Prayer and service are at the very core of this Spirituality of the Heart of Christ, which all members of the Apostleship of Prayer should make the effort to imbibe in their lives.

                They are composed of young and adults with more or less than 60 members.

                Every 1st Thursday of the month the members meet at 2:00 p.m. and the Hora Santa follows at 4:30 p.m. They sponsor the Dolorosa every Lent; attend novena and Sacred Heart Celebration every June; attend “Miss de Junio” the whole month of June; and lastly they sponsor a Mass every 1st Friday of the month.

                Ever since this association started, the members remained committed as they truly live their 12 promises and they are passionate to their devotion as they dedicate their service to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. However, this ministry has faced many challenges. Most members are occupied in their occupational work and some of them are getting older making it hard for them to attend their meetings or other activities in the parish. What challenges them the most, is having a population made up of mostly senior people which means that no one would follow after them to continue and strengthen this ministry. Their former president is hoping that God may open the hearts of the youth and clear a way in leading them to join this association.

               More than a million of Filipinos every year work abroad. Making more than a million of families left behind. The members of the Apostolate for Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) Families are here to give pastoral and social care for the migrant’s families left behind to help them witness the Gospel values as the mission of the ministry is to support and extend pastoral care to the families or the migrants, seafarers and overseas Filipino workers. Together with this, they envision the holiness of the life of the members of Apostolates for OFW Families. On February 26, 2012, Migrants Sunday, this ministry was launched under the recommendation of Bishop Gerardo Alminaza ang the hard work of Mrs. Grace Keeve who attended conferences, talked to the families left behind in the parish and process all the materials needed by the ministry.

                Every year the core group sets specific goals along with the mission set by the parish and towards the vision of the ministry it has established for itself.  This year’s goals the need to be addressed to: First, Sacramental Life, to encourage and evangelize members to receive the Sacrament of Baptism, Matrimony, Confirmation, Anointing of the Sick as needed. Referral to our parish is offered to accommodate their spiritual needs, Second, in Prayer Life, to motivate and encourage members to attend and value the importance of Sunday worship, faith-sharing, Bible Sharing, testimony, recollection, devotion and attendance In Masses. Third, to hold Faith Formation on values, conflict management, response to challenges, child upbringing and counseling. Fourth, to have Social Apostolate like referrals, home visitation and solidarity fund donation, Fifth, to encourage more Parish Participation. And lastly, to hold big events such as Family day, Migrants’ Sunday, Christmas Party and Excursions.

                The Apostolate for OFW Families are divided into two. The first group are the registered, committed members. And another on is the non-registered or non-committed. They are the members who only attended big events and spiritual formation. Presently on list, there are 40 members in the parish, twenty are non-committed members and other half are committed members.  They are made up of families who have family members work is abroad.

                The OFWs and their families are once invited to a fellowship after a Misa pro Populo. Prior to all the Sunday Masses along with a presentation shown on the history of the Filipino migration with photos supported by facts and figures. The first fellowship was hosted by Bishop Alminaza, since then on every 4th Sunday of the month a fellowship is held and oftentimes with an invited guest to speak on a specific topic. There is always a 15-30 minute Bible sharing on discussion of a religious topic. During these fellowships, needs, desires, expectations of the ministry. There is always the underlying emphasis that “the Church is concerned and we are here to help you.” Every year they facilitate and guide couples in their requirements to receive the Sacraments of Matrimony and they invite them to attend seminars and values formation. Since 2014, there were 8 “live in” couples who received the beautiful grace of the Sacrament of Matrimony of our Church. They also have on-going monthly novenas for their intentions and prayer requests for the members of the apostolate in their own homes with their families. Reminders are disseminated bye the coordinator. They hold monthly Mass sponsorship every 4th Sunday of the month at 7:30 p.m.. Counselling and prayer requests are accommodated especially for OFW Family members and nonmembers abroad, through our FB account by private message.

                One of the identified weakness in their organization was that many of their members are also members of that many of their members are also members of the different religious organizations and ministries of the parish. Another is that they lack the effort to initiate plans, programs and goals since most core groups members are pre-occupied of their personal responsibilities in the community, church, families, and work to earn a living. As observed by the core group in their times of being with them, OFW Families left behind are not that easy to convince since their priorities are not that easy to convince since their priorities are not always bound to commit as “committed members” but they prefer to be “non-committed” members and want to try to attend as they will be invited. They opt to prioritize more their family bonding and creation than to deepen their faith that we, committed members, need to exert put in more effort so that we can influence others.

                AOFWF Core group keeps sustaining this apostolate since it knows that it’s the way to save souls in every family. One great attack goal of the devil is to destroy family life especially of those who are apart, separated by nature of their work just to give a better future for their loved once. By their enduring faith they will keep sharing their faith and how they could cope with all the difficulties of their journey serving God and people. They also learn to balance their time, resources and talents.

                “May God continue to give us the grace, to preserve more and be more faithful to follow His ultimate will, for these fruitful deeds.” -Ma. Lovella C. Ibojos, AOFWF Parish Coordinator.

The Cafradia de Nuestra Señra da la Candelaria was formally convened in July 2014 when Rt. Rev. Msgr. Higinio Velarde, Parish Priest of the Jaro Cathedral and Msgr. Alejandro P. Esperancilla, Spiritual Director called a meeting of all the members to discuss the Statutes of Cathedral of Jaro as the National Shrine of Our Lady of Candles. The Decree of Establishment of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Jaro as the National Shrine of Our Lady of Candles was issued on July 16, 2011 upon the unanimous approval of the members of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines or CBCP.

The organization shall be known as “Cofradia de Nuestra Senora de la Candelaria”. It is an archdiocesan but parish-based organization of men and women devoted to the honor and propagation of the devotion to the Holy Mother of God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, in her title, Our Lady of Candles. It is a non-profit Catholic Religious Organization composed of clergy, religious and Catholic lay faithful under the direction of competent Ecclesiastical Authority.


The Cofradia de Nuestra Senora de la Candelaria takes its credo from Mary’s vital role in the life of the Church as gleaned from the Spirit of Third Diocesan Synod of Jaro We thus affirm that,

  • Mary precedes us in our pilgrimage to the Father and we look to her as a Model and Mother, the odigitria, one who shows us the way to Jesus;
  • Mary’s faith is that of a pilgrim characterized by’ her attentiveness to the ways of Spirit in her life;

Through this, Mary possessed the ability to interpret her life weaving through the Father’s eter­nal plan. We will endeavor to live, therefore, her life as shown to us in the Sacred Scriptures when,

  • In the Annunciation she readily offered her life as the maternal instrument of Salvation saying, “let it be done to me as you say”:

this is to be expressed in our attentiveness to the Will of God in prayer and in the Call discerned through the daily events of life;

In the Visitation she went in haste to help her cous­in Elizabeth; this is to be expressed in our eagerness to help our brothers and sisters who are in need and in a life lived guided by the social teachings of the Church;

  • Beneath the Cross she stood valiantly amidst her pain and suffering in par­ticipation to the passion of her Son; this is expressed in our realities to accept and endure trials and difficulties for the sake of Jesus and his work in and for the Church;
  • In the Upper Room with the disciples she wait­ed with them the descent of the Holy Spirit in the event that gave birth to the Church; this is expressed in our active involvement in the apostolate of the Local Church and most especially in our parish.

Thus, the charism of this confraternity is to promote true devotion to Mary in the call of the times: in a life lived in constant attentiveness to God’s call; a life lived for others; a life lived with openness to accept the sacrifice occasioned and brought about by faithfulness to the way of Jesus; and a life lived in active participation in the life and mission of the Local Church.

The Our Lady of Candles Parish Charismatic Community (OLCPC) is celebrating its 35th year anniversary with a faithful commitment in serving God with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. This organization was established on February 12, 1982 through the support of Rt. Rev. Msgr. Jose M. Gamboa, H.P., Rev. Fr. Jerry R. Locsin and the late Most Rev. Alberto J. Piamonte.

This organization envisions to proclaim the Word of God and renew the life of Catholics through the power of the Holy Spirit by supporting the program and activities of the Jaro Parish.

This organization was in high popularity during the shepherd of the late Rev. Fr. Ramon B. Sequito. Presently the community is composed of 50 members with 20 active and 30 inactive but has no Spiritual Director.

Every Sunday this ministry gathers at 1:15 to 2:45 p.m. to have their prayer meeting at the Charismatic center. Their formation sessions is conducted by Rev. Fr. Joenick Teritorio every last Sunday of the month during their prayer meetings. They give financial support to one Theologian in St. Joseph Regional Seminary, they also give donations to JASAC and to less privileged people. They get their funds through love offerings during the prayer meetings and solicitations from well to do members.

One thing that makes this organization distinct is their heartfelt service in renewing their faith to God and to Christ as their Savior.

Let us join them in serving God as they witness Christ.

“Mercy is the fundamental law that dwells in the heart of every person who looks sincerely in the eyes of his brothers and sisters on the path of life.” (Anonymous)

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul (SSVP) is an International Catholic Lay Organization founded in Paris on April 23, 1833, by young students and an elder person who joined together to create the First Conference in response to the cry of the poor. The founder and birthday celebrant was Blessed Frederic Ozanam.

In the Philippines, Society of Saint Vincent was introduced in December 20, 1860 by the Jesuits who came to the Philippines.

In 1966, SSVP was established in various main parishes in Iloilo by the help of Ambassadress Tita de Villa with the collaboration of the late Agapito Cirillio. In 1993, the Jesuits generously and respectfully turned over the SSVP to the Vincentian Fathers. Up to the present, the Jesuits carry on the beautiful legacy of giving the Ozanam Award to alumni and people who excelled in Humanitarian field that promote “Globalized Charity”. Society of Saint Vincent de Paul has 1,206 members in the whole Region VI and as of now, SSVP from Jaro Cathedral does not have Spiritual Director to help them in guiding their members spiritually and to manage their organization.  

This organization aims to embrace the whole world in a network of Love.

At present the SSVP officers are the one who manage the organization. They target the youth and the elders to be their members in molding a better foundation of their organization. The active members conduct formations that may help them in nurturing their spiritual, mental and physical needs, after the 12:15 Mass every Sunday. They also extend their help to those who are in need by organizing feeding programs, gift giving, visiting homes and in prison and educational supports. These programs are supported by means of solicitations and love offerings of the members.

As one group and one vision, they also have strengths and weaknesses. The commitment of every member, the willingness to love and serve the poor in the way of Christ, deep faith, trust in God and living the Vincentian virtues are strengths that they possess. But despite of all these, they also encountered negative forces that create their weaknesses. The limited financial support and having members who are also members of the other organizations are the ones they need to improve.

One can easily become a member of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul by having his/her willingness to serve and give time and effort to the organization, its commitment and dedication to abide in the SSVP Rules of Life and deep faith and trust in God. So they encourage everyone who has this kind of characteristics to join the organization in order to promote strong foundation of community.