Joining to the world of service brought by the grace of the Holy Spirit the sole manifestation of a man who truly has the sincere heart for God…

On a Sunday Mass we often see people lining up on their white uniform and on their hands are the sacramental bread while practically saying “Body of Christ” to the people waiting for communion. These people serving God are very significant because without them we can hardly receive the communion offered by God.

These people aren’t simply a mere servants or volunteers of the church but they are these people who serve God with the grace of their own ministry that provides a true foundation on their spiritual life which makes them a true servant of God and a united Ministry of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.

This ministry was started by Msgr. Jose Gamboa on the year 1985. They are given the “Faculty to help priests administer Holy Communion”. They are composed of 72 members of elders and with age of 30’s which the ministry give focus on. As of 2017 they are shepherd by Msgr. Alejandro P. Esperancilla as the Spiritual Director. They held their regular meeting on every 4th Saturday of the month in La Isabelita Hall wherein through Gospel reading and sharing of insights they are deepening their faith and nourishing their Christian life values. The members undergo renewal every two years and formation program.

The name of ministry of Lectors was changed to Ministry of Readers by Msgr. Alejandro P. Esperancilla in 2004.In the late 80’s this Ministry was led by Msgr. Jose M. Gamboa. Lector are formally trained. The Ministry shares the same vision and mission of the church and its objective is to proclaim God’s word during Liturgical Celebrations and to guide in the involvement of the faithful. The Ministry of Readers is composed of fifty-two members of young people and old. It is a Parochial based Ministry. Every 3rd  Sunday of the month they meet at La Isabelita Hall. This ministry is also active in the different programs and activities of the Parish. Last year they organized a Christmas Program for 21 indigents, they gave them Christmas packages and joined them at lunch. As they extend their help to others, their spirit also grows.

 Ministry of Readers does not only read in every Mass but also reach out to touch the lives of others. As community they also have weaknesses, one of this is that many lectors are now in their retirable years,57% of the members are students and employed, that they have to adjust their schedule of assignment especially on weekdays and feast days. But despite of these weaknesses, the Ministry of Readers has their strengths. Lectors are very cooperative, committed and joyful in serving the Lord. They are also obedient in following the rules and regulations and are open minded to accept mistake and suggestions from other people.

 They are inviting and encouraging those who are interested to become readers and to be part of their Ministry in serving the Lord. As what the Bible says, “Many are called but few are chosen’’.

The Ministry on Liturgical Music and Choir Development was founded by Most Rev. Gerardo A. Alminaza D.D. and then it was organized by Rev. Fr. Noel Vincent Gomez in 2010 who up to now is the over-all coordinator of the ministry. The objectives of the ministry are: to encourage full, active and conscious participation in the Liturgy by singing during Liturgical and para-liturgical celebrations; to recruit and encourage young and adult parishioners who have talents and abilities in music, singing and playing instrument; and also to unite all choirs in the parish.

Aside from singing, the Music Ministry functions as a group. It oversees and updates the right and proper Liturgical music in any Liturgical and para-Liturgical celebration; attends the archdiocesan updating on liturgical music; prepares and coordinates the different schedules of Choir on Sunday Masses, Aguinaldo Masses Novena Masses and Fiestas, Holy Week services, weddings, funeral and other special occasion as well as coordinates with the liturgist regarding specific Liturgy on certain occasions; organizes coordinator and trainers for every choir in the parish as well as assist the different choirs in how to organize each ministry; handles formation for all Choirs in relation to Liturgical music and their spiritual journey; teaches and leads the people in singing in any Liturgical celebrations; and assists the needs of each choir whenever necessary.

This ministry is composed of Parish Choirs that involve the Himig Katedral and Schola Candelaria; LOMAS Choirs which include Family for Christ and Cantors; Barangay Choirs from barangay Bakhaw, Maria Christina, San Vicente, Ilaya; and the singing group which includes Pilar Arguelles, Arlo Kapaw-an and Janel Frias.

They meet every first Tuesday of the month and hold special meetings before the start of any Liturgical season and special occasions. As for their formation, they have voice and harmony skill training and other specific formations facilitated by the respective choir members. Each choir is responsible to campaign or invite people to join the ministry. Usually, invitations are announced on Sunday Masses or in the Candle Light Weekly Paper. Choirs are willing to accept talented people out there who meet the qualifications needed in the ministry.

Let us support and encourage them as they continue their service in offering harmony and rythm to the sound of the Word of God.

At times honesty in our work is the most important virtue that we could live in our life. Creating honesty, passion and willingness also foster an environment for self-accountability and responsibility to our work. Our willingness to work motivates others to do the same. In this ministry, do their tasks willingly and religiously.

The usher ministry or ministry of hospitality is one of the oldest ministries of Jaro Parish thus it is not easy to trace back how it started. The ministry was inspired by the Bible story on Martha of Bethany who accommodated Jesus so that Mary her sister could listen to Jesus without any hindrances. The members lead people to their seats for a convenient disposition to workship.

Ministry of Hospitality is composed of 75 members and each one of them has their own schedule during Sunday. The current spiritual director of Usher Ministry is Rev. Msgr. Alejandro P. Esperancillia. Consuelo Pedrosa is the leader followed by Perpetual Tubola her assistant and Christina Hamot the secretary.

This work requires honesty and passion as money is involved. The new recruit undergoes an orientation before going through the actual work. This ministry is functional that they meet every 3rd Saturday of the month, they also plan of formation on January 2017 to strengthen their ministry and fortify their faith to God. They also collect funds through pass the hat in every meeting they hold for the financial assistance of the members when need arises.

The Jaro Parish is every supportive to this ministry, having many members is one of the strength of this ministry but most of them are already old that is why they can’t serve well in the Masses, the members are committed as well to their work and have shown willingness in serving God and the Church.